Why Am I Having These Thoughts?

Introducing Topic Tuesday’s!

Today’s topic is intrusive thoughts.

What’s an intrusive thought?

It’s an involuntary thought, image, or idea that is unpleasant and unwanted. These thoughts can be hard to get rid of and can become obsessive.

It’s important to know that if you get them, you are not a bad person. And, YES, everyone gets them! These thoughts are not invited by you, they just happen.

I’ve suffered from intrusive thoughts for ten years. There was a time, when I was able to manage these thoughts. However, I began to endure obsessive thoughts that needed psychiatric treatment.

If you have suffer from intrusive thoughts, what are some tools that you recommend for others, to help stop them?

One tool that I found helpful was to write the intrusive thought out and my fears about the thought. Then, I would write down reasons why it would not happen in real life.

For more information, check out this informative article on intrusive thoughts: Intrusive Thoughts

[Disclaimer:Please remember that these tools are for self help! Sometimes, these techniques do not help. Treatment options are available and recommended!]


The Time That You Require

I am not ashamed to say that I am thirty-one years old. I am ashamed to say, that for the first time, I went to a salon. In the past, I would have never allowed myself to spend that type of money or use that time, alone, without my children. It’s cliche, but my mom guilt would take over. There would be a slew of reasons that took priority, in my mother’s mind. At that moment, I could count five reasons that would seep into the guilt and take priority. Can’t we all? There is no time in our life that something isn’t needed or required of us.
take care of yourself
As parents, partners, and beings, our time is up for grabs. As the hourglass runs out of sand, so do our bodies. Each granule of sand that falls brings a weight upon our shoulders. There are many moments, when I have nothing left to give and am expected to continue. Truthfully, I start to become angry or short tempered. Anxiety and annoyance increase. The need for self care has surpassed and is detrimental.
Why are we waiting to care for ourselves at the last moment? Why is it viewed as selfish, when we stop to care for none other than ourself? Because we are women. We are expected to be nurturing to others, yet, aren’t allowed to nurture ourselves. It’s a societal pressure.

 Audre Lorde stares, “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” And she is right. Self care is surviving.

We must remember, that all things need to be nourished. Self Care doesn’t require money, but it requires time. Time that we all need to heal our soul and mind from the chaos of the daily grind.

How To Make Clickable Social Media Icons

I have recently made the move from Blogger to WordPress.com and was having a bit of difficulty learning the new format.

One of the first things I wanted to do on my new blog website was to add clickable social media icons.

Below, I have posted a video tutorial on how to do this through WordPress.

social media icons


If you have any questions, please add a comment and I will help you out if I can.

Thanks for watching!

Moms: We Don’t Do It All

It doesn’t matter rather you are a stay-at-home mother, working mother, or a single mother. The truth is, we don’t do it all.

a mothers love

I laugh inside when I hear women debate that as a working mother or a stay-at-home mother that they do it all. Parent. Work. Clean. Pay the bills. You name it.

But wait …

Simon Says, "Stop Touching Mommy."

Kids. They have no boundaries. They don’t respect the bubble.

2                                                   Stop. Touching. Me.

Let me adore you from a distance, please. You’re cute but move.

Get it?

I am done being your personal trampoline and jungle gym for the day.

We’ll Walk This Line Together

In twenty-three days, I will be twenty-seven.
I am reaching a point in my life that everything should be under control.
I never imagined growing old. I imagined a life with children and a husband.
But, I did not imagine the on set of worries that came along with this life.
The times that I became lost in the pilling bills, colds, and intoxicating desire
to be needed. The dishes overflowed, the dust settled, and clothing scattered. The missed
phone calls and un-responded texts. Opening the fridge and the milk is almost emptied, the pantry
calls out for supplies. The annoying list of needs grows longer.


They Are Not My Toy Soldiers

It’s quite odd how as an individual, I question myself, but not as a mother.

There are days that I am completely and utterly annoyed with myself.  I haven’t
finished college.  My weight, oh my weight. I don’t call my family and friends
as often as I should.  Did I show enough affection towards my husband today?

Yet, mothering is rarely on that list.  Okay, sure, I might occasionally regret my tone, but I don’t question the core of my parenting.

I allow my children to have a voice.  I am okay with emotional outburst of sadness
and anger.  I want them to have a voice and never learn to be afraid of it.
I allow my children to have opinions and input.  They are not my soldiers.

My children’s’ thoughts are respected and listened too. Yet, like in life, they may
be denied.  My children have choices and freedom.  And with that, they learn to compromise.
My children play important roles in the decisions that we make day to day, like
mom and dad.  My children are learning to listen to their mind and respect their thoughts.

Along the way, the boys emotions are reined in.  We listen to their cries and offer
solutions.  In their moments of selfishness, they are taught about respect.

My parenting isn’t perfect. There are missed moments of teaching my children
important lessons, sibling fights that weren’t stopped fast enough, an attitude
went unnoticed or corrected.

My boys are valued and respected individuals that are learning to treat others the
same way, and at the end of the day little boys learning about life.