Winter Car Seat Safety

Mother Fluff

The time has come or is slowly approaching that we must bundle up our children to face the cold outside.

While it’s important to keep our children wrapped up and warm to bear the cold, it’s very important to properly keep them secure in their car seats.

Bulky coats are not safe to wear while buckled in a car seat.

The reason why bulky coats are not safe is due to the fact that it prevents the harness from properly fitting. The harness becomes to loose and can prevent from protecting our children properly during a crash and can even lead to ejection.

To test to see if a winter coat is not safe to be worn, please do the following:

  1. Place child in car seat while wearing the coat. Adjust the harness until you can no longer pinch the material.
  2. Remove the child from the car seat and do…

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