We’ll Walk This Line Together

A home that will come undone without the support.
Yet, the walls aren’t caving in. The ceiling hasn’t came down.
The walls become fixtures of art and life.
The smiles of my children, my husband, family, and friend surround each move made.
These constant reminders that those dark under-eye circles, hidden dust bunnies, and a bill reaching it’s due date
will be worth it.
As I grow older, the memories will not be of paying a bill late or the night I barely slept as I held your sick body in my arms.
But the moment, you grabbed my body to hold you closer, your first home-run, your first broken heart, the nights spent catching fire flies, decorating our home with laughter,
cries, anger, disappointment, love, and forgiveness.
I cannot surround my thoughts with the frustration of who’ve I have yet to become. The best gift I can give to my children and my husband is acceptance. The road not taken
has closed and we will walk this line together.


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