Life Outside These Walls

I’ve got to get out there. It’s time to move on from my life of solidarity and enter into the world of movement. It’s time. This is the part that will help develop my identity outside of motherhood.

I’ve been in this world before. I conquered and strived in it. It won’t suffocate my surroundings, but expand them. My future isn’t dependent on it yet craving it.

It’s time to claim the badges that I’ve craved for too long. The walls that are surrounding are full of comfort and consistency. They’ve provided solace for five years. My home has become more then a safe haven but an excuse.

The new year will bring new beginnings for many. And, I’m delightfully fearful of this new journey. A journey that many have conquered and some didn’t even bat an eye in stress. I am continuing my education and finishing my degree. I am joining the PTA and volunteering at my son’s school.

I’m exhausted of being stuck. I desire adult conversation, a different pace, and movement. My positive attributes are bursting at the seem to shine.

“Fear is Worse Than Fighting,” an old Gaelic proverb

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